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To inspire individuals with
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Matrix K is a independent consulting firm based in Tokyo. Leveraging its global network for innovation and enormous client forcused business experiences are the outstanding feature of Matrix. K. Matrix K is committed to change.

Company Name LLC Matrix K
CEO Hiroko Kondo
Business Consulting services in designing engineering strategy and operational strategy, organizational change management, stakeholder dialogue support, research on safety, diversity & inclusion, etc.
Address GS13F, Ginza 6-10-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061,Japan


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Hiroko KondoFounder & CEO, LLC Matrix K
As a senior consultant and a project manager, she has been engaged in numerous number of designing business strategy and engineering strategy, and leading multiple change management projects for utility industry. Prior to the current position, she worked for global consulting firms as a principal and managing consultant for energy sectors for fourteen years.
She also supports organizing stakeholders` communication planning for public servant , practitioners, and citizens.